NASS and the Chinese loans on trouble

The thing is brewing the National Assembly. Reliable sources say the ‘thing’ is capable of shattering the peace of the two chambers if not managed well.

Sentry learnt that for some weeks now, there has been serious agitation by some members of the House of Representatives for its Committee on Loans, Treaties and Protocols to present the reports of the investigation it conducted into loans obtained from China by the Federal Government since 2000.

Findings suggest that some forces within the National Assembly are opposed to the report being presented. The committee’s investigation was stopped at a point and the matter is yet to be revisited, hence its inability to submit a report to the House. But another source claimed that the committee concluded its assignment but certain powers are preventing the reports from being made public. now legislators from the two chambers are bent on forcing the committee to present a report on the matter. “Head or tail, we want a report. It is either the committee resumes its seating and concludes the investigation or brings forward a report for the House to deliberate upon. There’s no way we will allow the matter go just like that,” a federal lawmaker from Edo State insisted. A storm is definitely gathering over those troublesome Chinese loans.

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